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UPDATED: Double storey garage and studio still a chance after Duffy deferral

An impression of the building from council papers.

UPDATE: Orange City councillors have deferred a decision on a development application for a large garage in an Orange backyard until they can visit the site to see the situation for themselves.

At Thursday night’s meeting councillors heard speakers for and against the proposal for a $100,000 two-storey garage and studio standing nearly six metres high in Anson Street.

Councillor Kevin Duffy requested the deferral, which was passed by the councillors.

A next-door neighbour said she was concerned the development would overshadow her property and would allow anyone in the building to look directly into her backyard.

The applicant said he wanted to show councillors the site with the aim of finding a solution.

He said the building was proposed for use by his family.

By David Fitzsimons

Orange City Council staff have recommended a $100,000 two-storey garage and studio planned for an Anson Street site be refused after three neighbours lodged complaints.

Council’s planning and development committee report to council’s next meeting on Thursday night says the building is more than two metres higher than planning rules allow.

It would stand up to 5.85 metres high.

The staff report says the applicant was asked by council staff to change the plans but they did not agree to that.

“The proposal is in excess of two metres above the maximum height (bulk) for a building on this site given the minimal setback from the side boundary,” the report says.

Another view of the proposed construction.

“The overall height and design of the building is not considered to reflect the existing character of the area having particular regard to the heritage significance of the area.

“Impacts would be most significant on the adjoining neighbours rather than the streetscape given the location of the proposed building.”

The proposal would involve the demolition of a single-level garage on the site.

One neighbour’s objection said the big building would be “unprecedented for the neighbourhood”.

“The glass door and most certainly the second storey window will look directly into my backyard and back room of my house.”

The council’s heritage architect also opposed the development, as it did not suit the heritage significance of the area of Anson Street between Casey and Dalton streets.


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