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Developers behind $26 million Prince Street precinct given three months to fix multiple issues

November 23, 2022

Artist's impression of the development. Supplied.

By David Fitzsimons

The developers of a $26 million apartment and townhouse precinct on the former site of the Orange Base Hospital have been given three months to change their plans.

The Western Regional Planning Panel (WRPP) has deferred approving or rejecting the major project at 103 Prince Street.

It ruled this week that changes are needed, as there were several concerns about the project.

They include buildings being set too close to the street.

The WRPP said a vehicle driveway inside the property also needs to be altered.

And it has called for the retention of significant trees and vegetation on the site.

The developer, MAAS Group Properties, has until February 28 to submit an altered DA to Orange City Council.

As the large development for 63 apartments and 17 townhouses exceeds $5 million in value the DA has to be decided by the WRPP and not the council.

An independent report prepared for the council found major concerns with the DA, which have been in turn highlighted by the WRPP.

“The panel resolved to defer determination of the matter pending the applicant submitting amended DA details incorporating the following requirements:

“Redesign of the development to include the north/south shared vehicular and pedestrian accessway along the eastern boundary of the subject land as required by the West End Precinct DCP.

“In doing so, delete the southern vehicular access from Sale Street. (For the avoidance of doubt, the northern access into the basement carpark for the Multi Dwelling Housing development may remain as submitted and, consequently, it is agreed that trees 5 and 7 may be removed.)”

It said the internal driveway must be large enough for two-way traffic and garbage trucks.

In regard to building setback it said it needed to be in line with an existing commercial building: "Additional landscaping must be provided in the increased setback area."


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