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Councillor says huge planter pots on Lords Place need brightening up as they are "lacking pizazz"

June 30, 2023

One of the planter pots on Lords Place south. Supplied.

By Peter Holmes

The huge plant pots on Lords Place south should be used as the blank canvas for a primary school "design challenge", according to Orange councillor Melanie McDonell.

On Tuesday night (July 4, 2023) McDonell will move the following motion: "That council undertake a design challenge inviting all local primary schools to create a design for the large plant pots along Lords Place South. That the remaining unallocated pots be offered to local Indigenous artists and emerging artists to have their artwork showcased."

In the background to her motion McDonell stated: "The redevelopment in Lords Place South has been a challenging one for many in our community. The new plant pots along the block are lacking pizazz. By engaging with school students to design a wrap for each pot we create buy-in for our local school children as well as creating a more vibrant space for the community."

She said Orange City Council could allocate each school one pot.

The Orange News Examiner asked its art department to come up with a mock design of how a planter pot might look. This is the best they came up with in the limited time available.

"Final designs will be printed and wrapped onto the pots (as opposed to painted on) before Christmas school holidays this year (allowing for warmer weather for the install)." said McDonell.

In response to the motion, staff said: "Council can investigate if an adhesive wrap can be applied to the large pots and work with local schools and artists to promote and facilitate the design challenge".

Under "Financial/Resourcing Implications", staff said resources would need to be deployed to promote and facilitate the design challenge.

Council staff will report back with more detailed costings.

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