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Council to consider renaming Huntley and Aerodrome roads in honour of the Hazeltons

April 18, 2023

By David Fitzsimons

Two Orange roads stretching more than 11km would be renamed Hazelton Way, following the recent death of airline pioneer Max Hazelton, under a plan before Orange City Council on Tuesday night.

Councillor Kevin Duffy has called on the council to consider renaming all of Huntley Road plus Aerodrome Road to Hazelton Way.

The roads extend from the Southern Feeder Road at Sir Jack Brabham Park past the Orange Regional Airport to Forest Road.

“We need something that absolutely signifies the importance and romance involved with the Hazeltons,” Duffy said.

He said the renaming should honour the entire family, which founded Hazelton Airlines that has become Rex Airlines, not just Max Hazelton.

“It’s synonymous with our area, that’s Hazelton’s airport, the airport is where the road goes.”

He said council should first consult with the Hazelton family and people who lived and operated businesses along the roads.

However councillor Jeff Whitton said he was concerned Huntley Road was a long road and re-naming it would affect many residents and businesses, who potentially might oppose it.

He suggested council could “save ourselves a bit of pain” by surveying residents first.

“The reason it’s called Huntley Road is because there is a village called Huntley and that’s where it goes to,” Whitton said.

Council staff suggested only re-naming Aerodrome Road, which extends from Huntley to past the airport, which would affect fewer people.

It was decided to refer the matter to council’s airport committee, whose members include some residents, for advice.

Meanwhile the council has backed seeking a feasibility study into introducing canoes, kayaks and land-based fishing at Spring Creek Dam, Orange’s secondary drinking water source.

Council was told the study would cost about $50,000.

Councillor Tony Mileto asked whether the state government’s DPI Fisheries department, which is pushing for an increase in fishing access in the area, would help fund the study.

Similar increased access at the city’s main drinking water source, Suma Park Dam, was ruled out “at this stage.”

However, the feasibility study would also look at improving fishing access at Gosling Creek Dam.

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