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Council approves nearly $30 million in DAs; $3.6 million upgrade for shops

By David Fitzsimons

North Orange shopping centre, with anchor tenant Woolworths, is having a $3.6 million upgrade. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

A $3.6 million upgrade at the North Orange shopping centre is part of a nearly $30 million development application boom across the city.

While Orange has been without a council for about 11 weeks due to the elections, it hasn’t stopped a stream of applications and approvals for new works across the city.

Significant DAs totalling $14.3 million and 85 other, mainly residential, development applications totalling $14.2 million have been approved by council staff over the three months to January 20.

The council, featuring eight new faces, will have its first meeting since November 16 last year on Tuesday night, 77 days later.

The agenda includes:

* Election of a deputy mayor;

* Choosing dates for council meetings, and;

* Deciding the hire fees for shipping container-style retail pods for small businesses in the CBD.

The council papers for the first night reveal the development approvals include the $3.67 million upgrade for the North Orange shopping centre, which was given the nod in mid-December.

The proposed works include supermarket alterations and additions plus ancillary site works at the Telopea Way venue.

The applicant is Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group Limited. Woolworths is the major tenant.

Other approved works include major housing developments in the Shiralee, south Orange area, with a $2.3 million plan to create 55 homes and new roads at 76 Lysterfield Road.

Nearby at 65 Lysterfield Road a $1.6 million plan for 42 residential lots, a village centre and new roads has also been approved.

Other projects to be approved include:

* Plans for farm stay accommodation at the Colmar Estate winery on Pinnacle Road costing $580,000;

* A research laboratory at Charles Sturt University costing $193,000 and;

* Upgrade works at the Robin Hood Hotel costing $755,700.

As the DAs have already been approved by staff they are listed in the council papers as information for the councillors.

Orange’s new councillors will need to get their skates on in making themselves known as they face one of the shortest terms in office.

The next election is due in September 2024, leaving them just two years, seven months and six days from Tuesday night to make a stand before they face re-election.

That is due to last December’s elections being delayed by three months by the state government because of Covid restrictions.


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