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Commbank shut Molong, Blayney, then Orange lost an ATM. We're starting to feel a little unloved

File photo of an ATM key pad. Digitally altered.

By Peter Holmes

The Orange News Examiner asked the Commonwealth Bank media wing via email on January 10 why the bank's ATM from North Orange Shopping Centre had been removed.

The ATM allowed customers from a range of major banks to make free transactions.

It was removed late last year and replaced by a generic atmx machine that charges fees per transaction, unless you bank with a limited number of mostly smaller financial institutions.

The Orange News Examiner sent another email to the Commonwealth Bank on January 20.

The bank failed to acknowledge or respond to the emails, which requested an explanation as to why the ATM was removed.

Blayney - gone.

The Commonwealth Bank faced a brutal backlash from the public and politicians at all levels of government last year after it was revealed it would close branches in Molong and Blayney.

It has netted around $1 million from the sale of the Molong and Blayney branches, with the Molong building selling in mid-January in the mid-$400,000 price range, and the Blayney branch selling for $560,000 on September 21, 2021.

atmx is operated by Armaguard Group, which in turn is owned by Linfox, and was launched in November 2020.

According to its website it has more than 2,100 machines around Australia.

Molong - gone.

"atmx ensures you have the freedom and flexibility to access your cash whenever, and wherever you are ... [it] is the easiest way for banks and financial institutions to meet account holder needs, it is the future of efficient cash access in Australia, available for everyone".

atmx allows cardholders from some institutions to "use atmx direct charge fee-free* for withdrawals and balance enquiries", its website states.

They include ANZ, Bank of Queensland (BOQ), Suncorp Bank, ME Bank, Virgin Money and a number of smaller credit unions, however many major banking institutions are not listed as being involved in free withdrawals and balances.

A spokesperson for North Orange Shopping Centre said: "The removal of the ATM was not a decision made by the Landlord/Centre Management."


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