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Clive Palmer's UAP candidate in Orange publishes fringe theory about "global takeover"

By Peter Holmes

Adam Jannis, the United Australia Party candidate who will try to remove National Party MP Andrew Gee in the seat of Calare at the forthcoming federal election, has published an extraordinary series of claims, including that the coronavirus pandemic was "a Trojan horse designed to smuggle in the New World Order".

"The European Union, The World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum are planning a global take over," Jannis posted on the Adam Jannis UAP Calare Facebook page this week. "This is how they want to bring in the One World Government.

"I've been saying for 2 years now, the pandemic is a Trojan horse designed to smuggle in the New World Order."

Adam Jannis is one of many young men politicised by the global pandemic.

A one-time conservative voter who grew up in a fish and chip shop in Wellington and went on to become a mostly self-taught health and fitness instructor, the early-30s Jannis is tying his fortunes to the cashed-up United Australia Party, led by former Liberal Craig Kelly and bankrolled to a large extent by businessman Clive Palmer.

The Orange News Examiner recently conducted a two-hour interview with Jannis.

We were preparing that story when Jannis posted his theory about a surveillance conspiracy, and will now publish that interview at a later date.

In his social media post this week Jannis stated: "They are using the virus as justification for: a 'Global citizen database'; permanent surveillance and tracking; digital identification/social credit system; digital currency and the the 'cashless society'; global centralisation of power and ceding national sovereignty to unaccountable international organisations & bureaucrats".

"This is the New World Order being born," Jannis wrote. "This is the One World Government. This is the Great Reset. Where you will 'own nothing and be happy'."

In the lead up to being announced as the UAP candidate for Calare, Jannis pruned his social media by removing his Adam Jannis fitness page and videos he had recorded.

"I did that voluntarily," Jannis told me, when asked if the UAP's head office had directed candidates to remove content.

"Nobody told me to do that. I removed my Adam Jannis fitness coaching not because there's anything nefarious, just to focus my attention into my candidacy.

"I didn't want any side distractions. We all know around election time someone associated with UAP, for example, is going to be bombarded by trolls, all the attack stories against Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer.

"So I want to streamline and make my message clear and concise and as official as possible, and remove any loose ends that could waste my time.

"I don't want to comment on posts I did six months ago or 18 months ago on different pages because some trolls want to waste my time.

"I stand by everything I’ve said."

Jannis, who has attended protests against lockdowns and vaccine mandates, would not comment on whether he was vaccinated.

Surveillance conspiracies - the idea that groups operating behind the scenes are working together to monitor us Big Brother-style - have been around for decades.

They feed, in part, off genuine examples of surveillance undertaken by regimes throughout history, such as happened in Mexico nearly 100 years ago, or as happens now in China, Russia and other countries where citizens are watched and muted.

CCTV. Stock image.

The mainstream accepts that surveillance is part of modern life.

That mobile phones track our movements, social media platforms track our page views; Google tracks our searches; credit card companies track our purchases; traffic cameras track where we drive; government departments store private information; we are filmed by closed-circuit TV in retail stores and outside private homes.

However it also accepts that, generally, there are firewalls to keep this information in silos, and regulations to cover the protection of this information.

Jannis represents a less popular view.

He maintains that the firewalls keeping these slabs of information separate are fast coming down and that soon enough all the information that is kept on us will be funnelled into one mega database that knows everything.

"I don't want to live in a permanent global Communist China, where everyone is tracked and controlled and stripped of their freedoms," Jannis wrote this week, before stating that the forthcoming federal election was "the most important in our lifetimes, and maybe in world history".

"The United Australia Party will oppose this New World Order before it's too late."

The UAP's national policies, as listed on the party's website, are:

* Ending lockdowns;

* No vaccine passports;

* Investigating options for nuclear energy;

* Buying submarines from the US;

* Stopping social media companies from censoring content;

* "Respect(ing) the sanctity of doctor-patient relationships";

* Lower taxes for people in rural and regional Australia, and;

* Processing minerals in Australia.


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