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Bus driving councillor Kevin Duffy apologises for saying he'd "like to scatter a few" cyclists

June 7, 2022

Digitally altered image. Orange News Examiner Art Department.

By David Fitzsimons

Orange councillor Kevin Duffy has apologised after his comments about cyclists in Orange sparked outrage from riders.

Duffy, a bus driver, told Tuesday night’s council meeting his comment at last month’s meeting about "scattering" cyclists while driving a bus was “in jest.”

“My biggest problem with driving down there every day is the people on those two-wheel things running around, you know,” Duffy said last meeting.

“We’d like to scatter a few of them, they seem to be in the way most of the time.”

However, on Tuesday night he said he had since been contacted by several people about his comment.

“At the last council meeting I did make a comment where I used the word scatter and I made it in jest towards the CEO,” he said.

“And I apologised to the CEO and I apologise to any of those who actively misconstrued what the actual intent was. I know I have been contacted by a number of teachers and a number of ex-police who said it means a different thing.

“I’m happy to bring a resolution back to council in regards to the awareness of cyclists and walkers.”

Duffy’s apology followed a strongly-worded speech in the public forum from Orange Triathlon Club president Steve Martin.

He read out a list of cyclists in Orange who had been hit by cars while riding.



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Martin called out Duffy over the comments.

“I ask you is councillor Duffy a suitable member of the council, the road safety committee…”

However, mayor Jason Hamling stepped in.

“Mr Martin, no names please, stick to the point please,” he said.


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