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Bummer on Summer as $117 tickets issued on Saturday morning

December 10, 2022

An Orange City Council parking officer on Summer Street on Saturday December 10, 2022. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

Summer Street and surrounding thoroughfares were packed with vehicular and pedestrian traffic late on Saturday morning as the pre-Christmas trade was in full swing.

At least one parking officer was on patrol, stinging those who overstayed the 30-minute limit with a $117 ticket.

After periods of leniency during Covid, Orange City Council appears keen to keep the cars and the cash registers turning over.

Even as the clock approached 12:30pm, when the 30-minute time limit no longer applied, one officer appeared to be preparing to issue a ticket.

A source told The Orange News Examiner that council was reacting to requests from businesses on the main drag to monitor parking and ensure people didn't overstay.

They said most people had been adhering to the time limits.

At the Essential Ingredient on Summer Street staff said they had been busy for weeks, before saying they had to finish the call as there were too many customers in the store.

A Bruder UPS mail van. Supplied.

Toyworld on Summer Street also reported brisk trade, with popular items including LEGO and toys from Bruder, which makes replica vehicles including trucks, forklifts, cranes, hay balers, power wagons and excavators.

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