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Badly parked ute possibly the result of sloppy circle work: police

By Peter Holmes

The ute as it came to rest on Glenroi Oval. Copyright: Robbie Beet.

Police believe a Mitsubishi ute found tipped on its side on Glenroi Oval on Saturday morning may have been the result of some circle work gone very badly wrong.

The ute was photographed by resident Robbie Beet, who advised the owner on social media to "Come and claim your ute, it will probably be burnt tonight...", referencing the number of stolen cars that had been burnt out in Orange.

The owner of the ute is not known.

Police at Glenroi Oval on Saturday January 15, 2022. A tow truck is in the distance removing the vehicle. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

When The Orange News Examiner attended the site on Saturday two police officers and a tow truck driver were on the scene.

The ute had been moved onto the truck and was about to be transported to a police compound in Orange, awaiting collection.

The tow truck drive, about to head off to drop the ute to a local police compound. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.

Surveying the scene, one officer said he believed the ute may have ended up on its side after travelling down a dip on the oval while doing circle work, otherwise known as donuts or burnouts.

He said that police would get in touch with the vehicle's owner.

A vehicle tipped on its side could have a number of issues, including fluid leaks, poor wheel alignment and electrical or mechanical damage.


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