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As Glenroi seethes, talk turns to meting out mob justice

Orange police officers at Glenroi Oval on Saturday January 15, 2022. To the right, a tow truck removes a ute that had been left tipped on its side. Copyright: Orange News Examiner on-the-spot photo.


The residents of Glenroi are fed up.

Fed up with the crime.

Fed up with their cars and utes being stolen and then set alight.

Feeling helpless, they turn to social media forums to spread news of what happened in their neighbourhood overnight.

Who had personal belongings stolen from sheds, front verandahs, backyards.

Who had a car stolen. Who had a car stolen and then set alight. Who lost all their tools of trade.

Who saw groups of people in hoodies wandering in the wee hours, pointing torches into backyards, blowing dog whistles to see who does and doesn't own a pooch.

On Saturday, a ute was discovered tipped on its side on Glenroi Oval, which has long been a dumping ground for burnt-out cars.

Police at the scene told The Orange News Examiner that it was probably the result of someone heading into a dip on the fields while doing donuts.

On Sunday, Orange firefighters were called to Glenroi Oval after reports of a fire at the toilet block.

Station officer Dane Philippe told The Orange News Examiner it was only a small internal fire - possibly the result of toilet paper being lit - and the crew was able to leave within a short time.

In social media forums talk turns to mob justice.

Forming groups. Driving around in vans. Rounding people up. Cutting off their hands.

As it did again this week.

People want it known they work hard for their cars and utes and bikes. Yes, there is disadvantage in their neck of the woods, but that is no excuse for utterly pointless destruction, they say. If the state won't fix it, then we will.

Someone asks for information. Does anybody know anything about who might be behind any of the spate of arson attacks and thefts? A reward of some type is suggested for those who can supply useful information.

You have to hope it's just people venting. Blowing off steam. Doing what they can to make the point that They. Are. Fed. Up.

They want this dealt with, and they want it dealt with yesterday.

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