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As Cadia Road backfill begins, mining giant agrees to compensate councils

August 10, 2022

By Peter Holmes

Cadia mine has entered into agreements with Blayney and Cabonne shires to cover costs associated with the closure of Cadia Road.

The news comes as work starts today on backfilling the ventilation shaft [vent rise] on Cadia Road, the flooding of which caused the road to be closed on July 22.

"Cadia has entered into agreements with both councils to ensure Cadia is financially responsible for any damage to the roads, including any detour roads within both council areas," said Cadia general manager Aaron Brannigan in a statement.

Brannigan said that to ensure the vent rise could be filled "as quickly and safely as possible, Cadia will be utilising the already closed Cadia Road to transport the material using mine vehicles".

He said that it was estimated the road would be closed for up to two months.

"While remediation activities are being undertaken to allow underground mining to safely resume in the coming weeks, this timeframe includes the critical backfilling works, along with any additional works anticipated to return Cadia Road to public operation after use".

Underground operations remain halted, but there was no impact on production expected, with all surface and maintenance activities operational.

The Orange News Examiner reported last week on the extra driving time faced by residents around the mine following the closure of Cadia Road, with one saying it took her an extra 30 minutes on a roundtrip to Orange.

"We acknowledge the ongoing impact of the road closure on the community, and we thank them for their patience and understanding," said Brannigan.

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