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Andrew Gee MP backs Citizens' Assembly on Housing Affordability

June 14, 2023

By Peter Holmes

Calare MP Andrew Gee is supporting a proposal to form a Citizens' Assembly on Housing Affordability.

“Housing affordability is a huge issue in rural, regional and remote communities and a Citizens’ Assembly would be a very effective way of putting a spotlight on the serious impacts this is having and also help to find solutions," Gee said.

The idea for the Citizens' Assembly on Housing Affordability is being supported by crossbenchers including Gee and the so-called Teal independents.

Crossbenchers have written to the treasurer Jim Chalmers and housing minister Julie Collins with a costed proposal to establish a Citizens’ Assembly on Housing Affordability.

A statement from Gee's office said: "The Citizens’ Assembly of Housing Affordability would bring together 100 randomly selected but carefully balanced ordinary Australians including renters, buyers, owners, mortgage holders, investors, rural, urban, regional, young, old, men and women, to examine the evidence, question experts, and develop a consensus for future policy that reflects the needs of everyone."

“This is a fresh, new approach to tackle a serious national problem and I believe it will be welcomed by communities around Australia,” Gee said.

“The cold, hard truth is that governments don’t have all the answers. That will come as no surprise to country Australians. Hearing directly from our communities can make a real, positive difference to policy making.

“I would encourage the Australian Government to embrace the Citizens’ Assembly as a way of working with communities to get better outcomes for Australians, regardless of how far away from capital cities they may live."


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