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After 71 years in the same family, this Orange homestead is up for grabs

November 30, 2022

The view from the front deck. Supplied.

By Peter Holmes

It’s what you might call a reluctant sale - with those views, what else could it be?

But after 71 years in the same family, 79-acre (32-hectare) property Parkwood on 90 Hawke Lane, a few kilometres south of the CBD, is on the market.


“The only reason it’s being sold is that the owner is retiring,” said Ken Barber from Belle Property.

Approximately 80 percent of the land is arable, with paddocks sown to lucerne and improved pastures, the listing states. The whole property is said to have “quality fertile basalt soils”.

The land is currently used for lucerne hay production and sales, beef cattle production and leased cool rooms.


“He's done very, very well out of lucerne production,” said Barber of the owner. “Lucerne doesn't usually grow around Orange. It's got to be a really good quality country to grow it.”

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The property includes:

  • Three large dams with electric irrigation pump, and two equipped bores;

  • Underground irrigation infrastructure;

  • 295-megalitre water licence;

  • Two 10kw solar power systems;

  • Operational large-scale cool room complex of approximately 760 square metres;

  • A 340-square-metre machinery shed, and;

  • A 670-square-metre, seven-bay machinery shed-workshop.


“This multi-purpose property is suited to a number of enterprises, including land banking, livestock production, lucerne hay production, horticulture, viticulture and potential further sub-division,” the listing states.

There is currently approval for three dwellings on the land.

Barber told The Orange News Examiner the main house could be carved off on a five-hectare property, another house could be built on a two-hectare plot, and one more on the balance of the land.

The land is close to the Shiralee housing developments and Philip Shaw Wines.


The owners had applied to have the land rezoned to residential, but Orange City Council papers show that midway through 2022 this was rejected, with the address listed as one of several that would not be rezoned as part of council’s housing strategy.

“It’s just outside of it,” Barber said.

“Every seven or eight years they do a rezoning and he applied to have it rezoned," Barber said. "Just to give you an idea, the block next door has 180 building blocks, and is similar in size.”

With residential rezoning built in, that land sold for $7.8 million.


"[Rezoning] is an unknown factor - it could be seven years, it could be 10 years, it could be 15 years," Barber said.

“I did an inspection this morning and I said to the guy, ‘If you’re young enough, and you’ve got time on your side, I’m sure you’d [ultimately] get it rezoned, but we can’t market it as having rezoning potential, so we’re marketing as rural.”

The price guide for Parkwood is in the $4.5 million to $5 million bracket.

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