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A little bit of Eurovision is coming to Orange

A scene from "SONG CONTEST - The Almost Eurovision Experience". Copyright: Glynn Nicholas.

By Peter Holmes

It's time to dig out the sparkles, heels, Madonna bras, leather vests and outrageous feathers - and the women will need to find something to wear, too - as a little bit of Eurovision is coming to Orange.

For the uninitiated, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event that throws romance; cheese; dramatic key changes; more cheese; lavish, over-the-top sets and props; absurd costumes; music often created on computers; unspeakably awful ballads; and lots more gorgonzola into a big sequined blender.

Flags representing the Eurovision nations. Copyright: Glynn Nicholas.

What is disgorged can be quite enjoyable, when taken with quantities of alcohol.

Orange's The Pinnacle Players are returning from a pandemic hiatus with a new production - SONG CONTEST - The Almost Eurovision Experience.

It's the type of news that will send some running to the hills, while others will be getting their groups together and booking tickets before they get to the end of this article.

This is what Eurovision does to people.

The Norwegian entry in the musical. Copyright: Glynn Nicholas.

SONG CONTEST - The Almost Eurovision Experience was co-written by veteran theatre and comedy entertainer and actor Glynn Nicholas (Here's Humphrey, The Big Gig, The Glynn Nicholas Show).

It's not the first time he's dabbled with this kitsch entertainment icon - he co-wrote a show titled Eurobeat - almost Eurovision that played from 2006 to 2009.

The show is described as being a cross between a musical comedy, concert and sporting event. During each performance the audience gets to vote via smartphone to crown their own winner.

The Pinnacle Players' production of SONG CONTEST - The Almost Eurovision Experience is directed by Peter Young and choreographed by Monique Haigh.

Not sure what is happening here, but this is the Icelandic entry. Copyright: Glynn Nicholas.

Glynn Nicholas told The Orange News Examiner on Thursday afternoon that smaller community theatres can afford to have more performers play the roles of the Eurovision contestants, whereas touring versions of the show are more likely to have 12-14 professional musical actors playing a number of roles each.


SONG CONTEST - The Almost Eurovision Experience

March 4 - 19

Heritage Hall, Orange Public School

Tickets on sale now via


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