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A hugely profitable Orange pizza joint has been put on the market

August 17, 2022

Facebook/Pizza Rebellion.

By Peter Holmes

As walls go, Max Schaapveld’s takeaway pizza business has the best in the city.

Nearing the top of Summer Street heading west, the Pizza Rebellion logo in shades of green looms large on the right hand side of the road, next to the fire station.

When Schaapveld rebranded his Pizza Capers restaurant to Pizza Rebellion in 2020, he knew the wall would play a key role in letting the city know about the new business.

Now, two and a half years after launching Pizza Rebellion with an app and a new menu, Schaapveld is selling up.

“I think we’ve built a really good business with a good set of people,” Schaapveld told The Orange News Examiner on Wednesday night. “It’s profitable, well respected and well established, and there is nothing that I can see changing - all the major competitors are already in town.”

He says it took two years to prepare Pizza Rebellion for launch. “We put in a lot of hard work … it’s a lot more than just opening the doors.”

Schaapveld has put the business on the market in order to focus on his Grace Burger venture on Sale Street.

“We’ve got a big opportunity at Grace Burger to build our dine-in space and really expand that out,” he said, “but it’s taking a lot of time, so we thought it was a good time to sell the pizza business.”

A lot of wall. Facebook/Pizza Rebellion

Depending on development approvals and access to tradespeople, he is hopeful of opening the expanded Grace Burger within the next two to three months.

The average revenue at Pizza Rebellion is $25,000 a week.

The weekly rent is $1,250 - with a five year lease option available - and the weekly expenses are $17,500.

Once all bills are paid there is a net weekly profit of $6,250.

The business is described in the commercial listing as having “good cost control measures in place”, with cost of goods sold and labour each accounting for less than 30 percent of sales, and rent for less than five percent of sales.

“You'll need a great attitude towards serving your customers, making great food and looking after your team, everything else we can teach,” it stated.

The app has 19,000 customers.

Pizza Rebellion, which is on sale for $900,000, makes pizza, pasta, wings and ribs, and all are cooked in ovens, meaning no fryers or grills.

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