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Former McCarthy's Pharmacy site on Lords Place has a new tenant

September 14, 2023

Getting ready. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

By Peter Holmes

A new tenant in Lords Place owns a dairy farm powered by cow manure.

After sitting empty for well over a year, the tenant is expected to start moving into the former McCarthy’s Pharmacy site on Lords Place next month.

Eagled-eyed locals will have spotted tradies from Mick Banks’ Banksia Building in the premises of late, where they are constructing a number of offices.

Moxey Farms. Supplied.

The new tenant is Moxey Farms’ owner Australian Fresh Milk Holdings (AFMH) .

McCarthy’s Pharmacy departed the 424-square-metre site midway through 2022, and the building was offered for rent at $150,000 per year.

The chemist changed its name to Life Pharmacy and moved into The Village on Summer.

Moxey Farms was previously based in the building on the corner of Kite and Anson streets.

Moxey Farms in Gooloogong - about 85km southwest of Orange - is the original property owned by AFMH, and is its largest dairy site.

“Moxey Farms is an aggregation of properties, situated along the fertile Lachlan River flats, featuring highly productive soils, expansive irrigation, infrastructure and grazing land," its website states.

The farm - powered by renewable energy - spans about 5,800 hectares and is home to the “bio-digester”, which uses cow plop to produce biogas.

The premises on Lords Place. Copyright: Orange News Examiner.

“As well as this, other by-products including nitrogen and phosphorus are recycled as crop inputs across the farm,” the company states.

The cows providing the milk and the manure are “housed in state of the art barns, with sand beds that are cleaned and maintained daily”.

Moxey Farms. Supplied.

Moxey Farms has three milking parlours, including an 80-stand rotary parlour, a hospital and a maternity barn.

State MP Phil Donato recently moved into Lords Place from his previous Byng Street location.


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