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Near-News: Vague Model Spotted Wandering Aimlessly In Field of Flowers In Orange

Model Joan Smorgasbord was wandering in a field of flowers when a fashion photographer drove past...


Extravaganza D'Summers

A worldwide epidemic of models wandering without purpose in fields of flowers is worsening, with waif-like women being spotted at locations all around the globe.

Sources recently spotted Swiss uber model Joan Smorgasbord looking lost in a field of flowers somewhere between Orange and Molong.

Smorgasbord said she had entered the field in the hope of bumping into a fashion photographer.

Lured by the siren song of the fields...

"I find that if I just start walking around a field of flowers, inevitably a fashion photographer appears," said Smorgasbord, who struts the boho waif rural style.

Smorgasbord said she had encountered fashion photographers at flower fields in Paris, London and Abu Dhabi.

More news as it comes to hand.

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