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Near-News: Orange Family Still Smiling Despite Being Glued Together


By staff writers

Hard News Australia
Wendy, Enth and Grant Wentyborg are still glued together.

AN Orange family remains in good spirits, despite being glued together for the past three weeks.

Hippies Grant and Wendy Wentyborg from the outskirts of town were stuck to their daughter Enth after a Spiritual Craft Class went terribly wrong.

"We were building a Papier-mâché Kombi Van with industrial glue, and also meditating at the same time, and the next thing we knew we had woken up and we were all stuck together," said Wendy Wentyborg in an exclusive interview.

The family is currently sleeping standing up.

Mrs Wentyborg said her husband Grant "smells worse than I thought. Although maybe that's the baby".

Grant Wentyborg said it was definitely Enth who was stinking up their commune hut, but conceded it was becoming "difficult to tell where Enth's fragrance tapered off and mine and Wendy's began".

Bits of the Papier-mâché Kombi Van are still stuck to Grant.

As evidenced by our world exclusive photo, Enth is having the best time.

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