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Near-News: Ian Stevens on Real President Donald Trump staging a military coup to save the world

2024 could see Donald Trump run for president, if he is not in jail. Wiki Commons

THE SOFT left is working itself into a big soapy lather regarding Mr President Mr Donald J. Trump.

The fear in their eyes is telling: Judgement Day is near and they are terrified their elite little club is about to be shut down forever.

Mr President Mr Trump started the Job but was then SHUT DOWN BY FAKE NEWS and Fake Votes.

Now Fake President "Handsy" Joe Biden is wasting money on things like building roads and bridges and other things that should be None of the Government's Business.

The flabby, latte-sipping Do-Gooders point to Mr President Mr Trump's many, many flaws as evidence he is unfit to be President.

For example, he caused a riot at the Seat of American Democracy on January 6, 2021, these loser sheeple claim.

I call shenanigans! Just because Mr President Mr Trump brought the kindling and the gasoline and a big bag of matches doesn't mean he is personally responsible. The Soft Left wants everybody Else to take responsibility Except themselves.

Does this make ANY sense?

Yes, Mr President Mr Trump is not perfect. None of us is Perfect.

I can be too fair-minded, too generous, and too partial to Toasted Cheese and Tinned Peach Sandwiches when I am stressed.

Retired Navy Commodore Ian Stevens eats toasted cheese and tinned peach sandwiches when he is stressed. File image.

I work on these weaknesses, as has Mr President Mr Trump on his.

We should thank the heavens that he is surrounded by such competent businesspeople such as sons Don-Don and Eric, and beautiful daughter Ivanka, of whom I have a poster.

It is obvious to any clear thinker that Mr President Mr Trump is the victim of a conspiracy between the Fake News media, the judiciary, fake Republicans, Ben & Jerry's, Los Lobos, big pharma, Black Lives Matter, Saturday Night Live and China/Iran.

When I approach Customers in my Central West sandwich shop A Slice of Loaf about their View of Mr President Mr Trump, there seems to be A LOT of negative opinion. On more than one occasion I have had to Man-handle a Soft Left plant from the Premises.

Business is down by 35 percent, and Centre Management has demanded I remove the "Lock Up Joe Biden" posters, however I will not be Bullied by socialists and communists and the Soft Rainbow Left.

If we don't stand up now, it will be too late for humankind.

If Mr President Mr Donald J. Trump Loses the 2024 election there will be no Doubt that it was rigged by Illegal immigrants; angry gun-toters from the projects; sour-faced sexual experimenters; shadowy, abundantly fertile fascists; the swamp in Washington DC; soft-left academics; the secret army that wipes out enemies of the Clintons; Anthony Fauci; Hollywood; and MSNBC.

The only solution to this treason will be a military coup.

There, I said it.

I for one would VERY HEAVILY CONSIDER flying across the Pacific to join the movement to keep the USA free from The Namby Pamby PC Brigade.

You must remember that not only is Mr President Mr Trump a world leader, he is also an incredible businessman.

They say his Trump Steaks, Trump Airline, Trump University and Trump Casinos all went bust, and that working class contractors struggled to get paid for the jobs they did for Trump, but all this Soft-Left Moaning only goes to hide the truth, and that is that Mr President Mr Trump is a Risk-Taker, a Myth-Maker and a Mover'N'Shaker, and sometimes the wheel falls off on the road to GREATNESS.

And it's all FAKE NEWS.

Meanwhile, there has been talk about Mr President Mr Trump's Relationship with Russia and widely admired strongman Vladimir Putin. Well, this is Pure racism from the pinkos of the Soft Left.

Four months ago I met a lovely Russian woman online.

Olga can't wait to meet Commodore (ret.) Ian Stevens.

Her name is Olga, and we plan to wed in Coming Months. Olga is remarkably beautiful and has studied law and biochemistry.

We just "clicked" online :) and Olga is hoping to come to Australia as soon as I can raise the funds for her business class flight [she is very tall]. Olga said lawyers and biochemists work for the government and don't get paid much, if at all, and her mother is ill, so she doesn't have the available money right now.

It doesn't matter, though, for once we are married what's mine will be hers.

And to be honest, she'll probably end up earning a lot more than me, as there is more cash in legal courts than food courts!

Until next time,


Commodore (ret.) Ian Stevens is executive director of The Institute for Keeping Australia Australian, and the owner of sandwich shop A Slice of Loaf.

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