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Near-News: Fash with Sash #2 - Yoga

Hard News Australia
Yoga's global branding is all wrong, says luxe influencer Sasha De Courgette-Winslow.

I have been doing yoga for seven years.

I would like to think that I am admired within my circle as a pioneer, as many friends and friends of friends around the achiever suburbs seemed to embrace yoga after me.

Coincidence? Maybe not.

My bestie gal pals Miffoire (PR Princess), Jasm'n (Viral Virtuoso) and Ker-lo-wee (Design Diva) now do yoga.

I don't gloat about this, because as a fashion and social influencer, I see it as my role to direct people towards a more meaningful existence. Gratitude and maybe a thank you T2 gift voucher would be nice, but I don't expect it, as I choose not to allow disappointment into my circle.

My cosmetic surgeon Henri always says that beauty comes from within, and that is true. To a point.

This is where things like yoga and steel cut oats come in.

However, external beauty is also very important if you want to make your mark in the crazy modern space known as "the world".

I am still on my Yoga Journey.

My goal is to be the best that I can be.

Hard News Australia
It's hard to focus when you have an unusually large brain.

I also think I can help yoga build its global brand. Its current positioning is all wrong. My personal assistant is a phone call away if the World Yoga CEO wants to go for growth.

So, how would I fix yoga going forward in the future?

Well, aside from a multi-million dollar viral campaign on Facebook and Insta pitching yoga as the Ultimate Lifestyle Choice, the first thing I'd do is put all the focus on stretching, and forget the meditation stuff.

From a personal perspective, I am able to stretch, but have been unable to master the overrated, so-called skill of meditation.

I find it impossible to empty my mind. This is the price of having an unusually large brain.

During my last yoga session I was thinking about the following:

* Jay-Z and Beyonce - how did they survive Lemonade?;

* How my fash prediction for sailor-wear has been proven correct;

* Why my former gal pal Tiffany continues to be such a total bee-yartch;

* If the nanny is stealing my Borthwick Cold-Pressed Cucumber Water and my Bitcoins (sorry Lolandra if you aren't!);

* How much I crave a Porsche SUV - yummy!;

* My favourite Kardashian (Kimmy!);

* Whether the cute Italian waiter at Bar Bituate will be serving at lunch today;

* Why women with butts the size of prize-winning pumpkins should think twice about Lorna Jane active wear;

* Starvation in, you know, Africa (even after all those charity concerts last century!). I mean, seriously, how much more can you/we/I give?

And on and on it goes.

Would I date Keanu Reeves if he asked me out (Yes!). Is my thigh gap acceptable (Double Yes!! #buttcrunches). Should I get the dolphin tattoo that Flick got last week but tell everyone I got it first (Of course!!!).


The fact is meditation is a complete waste of time for high achievers in the modern continuum.

As a Luxe Goddess, Social Influencer, Mother, Lover and Employer, I am always required to be 'On'.

Thoughts are my currency.

It's what makes me unique.

To switch off in yoga is to switch off in life and invite decay.

I believe my time as a Yogi will come, once yoga adapts to a time-poor, fully-digitized world.

Like me, yoga can be cool, understated, romantic, sexy and a little playful! Bring it on!

Be cool and be you,



Hard News Australia

Sasha De Courgette-Winslow

is the founder, director and CEO of

The Modern Luxe Style Collective.

She is a social influencer, fashion

writer, style guru and life coach

to Central West women with a net worth

in excess of $25 million.

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