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Near-News: Fash with Sash #1 - Luxe living

Welcome to my first column for The Orange News Examiner!

My aim as a Social Influencer and Style Goddess is to help normal-ordinary people inject a little luxe living into their lifestyle portfolio.

Hard News Australia
The lower level of the pool cabana at Sasha De Courgette-Winslow's estate in the Central West of NSW.

Having worked for Vogue, Gourmet Luxe Digest, Harper's Bizarre, And Then There's Maude, Cosmo, DeLuxe Luxe, Elle, Bachelor's Pudding, W, InStyle and Oprah's mYSTERIOUS, I know it will be a gargantuan task to educate the readers of a publication such as this, which has a "style" that might best be described as "in desperate need of expert assistance".

Like my besties Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of Trinny & Susannah global fame, I do love a fash challenge!

If they can make a sickly yet well-fed woman from Manchester look less hideous, then I can take The Orange News Examiner's readers on a soulful, spiritual journey into the heart of Luxe Living!

This is our journey together. Be the person you can be.

I have known I was stylish since age three, even though I grew up in Perth.

There is a gorgeous photo of me at the sprawling family weekender in Margaret River when I was five.

I am wearing a pair of Eggmoth sandals, Louis Vuitton creme-crime cardigan, Bromtiere skivvy with a thread count of 1900 and an uber rare Patati Ensalata sailor's cap. Priceless!

I would describe my style as "playful and stylish sleek modern luxe classico".

Cool fabrics, warm wraps, and razor-sharp jaws with a hot and spicy attitude that is also totally chilled.

Normal-ordinary women often ask me the secret to having such a carefree luxe style that seems so totally effortless.

Well, girls, as you know, looking effortless takes a lot of effort!

But first, you must commit to luxe.

Luxe will not come to you.

I have taken a holistic approach to Luxe Living.

Crucial to this is creating a Circle of Me.

My Circle of Me includes my personal trainer Gonzalez, my dietitian Ormonde, my tennis coach Jake-Brad, my chef Britney-Annalise, my Luxe Guru Stefano and my fashion radar intern Ashleigh.

So, the first step in creating a Luxe Lifestyle is to create your own Circle of Me.

Without it, you will be unable to progress. Do it now.

Be cool and be you,



Sasha De Courgette-Winslow

is the founder, director and CEO of

The Modern Luxe Style Collective.

She is a social influencer, fashion

writer, style guru and life coach

to Central West women with a net worth

in excess of $25 million.

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