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Near-News: Ian Stevens on climate alarmism from the Soft Left

Wind and solar are trendy modernist rubbish says Ian Stevens.

The do-gooders and snow flakes are at it again, jumping up and down about so-called global warming, demanding that a wind farm be installed on every suburban street corner.

If you'd felt the cold in parts of Australia this week, you'd know this warming stuff was a load of garbage!

Now, many socialists choose to listen to well-equipped scientists on this issue, but I believe the science fraternity has lost all credibility and is no longer to be trusted.

Except on some issues, where I deem it can be trusted, such as medicine. Except on pandemics, where it cannot.

These so-called scientists can't even accurately predict what the weather will be like in a week, so how on earth do they know what will happen in 20 years time!

There is none so blind as those who will not see.

On matters of climate alarmism I prefer to turn to the wisdom of someone like a Lord Monckton.

He may not be trained in this field or fully understand what is going on, but this is not really the point.

Lord Monckton. Wiki.

The point is he is British, and doesn't carry all the negative baggage of being a modern scientist, held captive by Soft Leftism and its march towards a society with no values. First they got rid of the cane in schools, then they went after circuses, and then greyhound owners. What is next?

Former and Rightful Prime Minister The Right Hon. Tony Abbott did the right thing by abandoning solar and wind power.

Both are trendy modernist rubbish.

The champagne socialists are yet to accept that coal is king, and will be for the next 1,000 years or so.

How could they look a small sub-Continental child in the eye and say, 'No coal for you, you must starve'.

This type of heartlessness is endemic amongst the Soft Left.

If we spent less time on this greenie bandwagon, and spent more time stopping the boats and helping PM The Very Reverend Scott Morrison do the heavy lifting in repairing the budget disaster left by Labor, Australia would be headed once more in the right direction.

Until next time,


Commodore (ret.) Ian

Stevens is executive

director and sole member of The Institute

for Keeping Australia

Australian, and the proprietor of sandwich

shop A Slice of Loaf.

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